The epic poem “The Argonautics” tells of the journey faced by the Argonauts to conquer the Golden Fleece, the mantle of a sacred important for Zeus that has the power to heal wounds. Guided by Jason, the heroes will face extraordinary encounters and terrible trials to finally return home. The heroes in our case are all the teenagers who set off on a journey, real or metaphorical.

This scenic outcome stems from the Tuttùn-la non-scuola project in San Chirico Raparo, promoted by “Il Sicomoro” cooperative in Matera, in collaboration with Q Academy, Teatro delle Albe / Ravenna Teatro, Punta Corsara and IAC Centro Arti Integrate.

Between October 2016 and April 2017, Alessandro Argnani for the Teatro delle Albe and Emanuele Valenti for Punta Corsara led the “Argonautiche” non-scuola workshop in San Chirico Raparo, a small town in Basilicata, involving the adolescents of the town and the guest of the community for unaccompanied minors arrived from Gambia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali. At the same time, in Matera, Andrea Santantonio and Nadia Casamassima for IAC led a non-scuola workshop with a group of teenagers of Matera.

In April 2017, the two groups met and gave birth to the scenic “Argonautiche”. In July of the same year, the workshop opened up to new participants and the scenic outcome was reorganized in Matera, in the Nessuno Resti Fuori – festival of theater, city and people.
The scenic outcome “Argonautiche”, as in the tradition of the non-scuola of the Teatro delle Albe, collects and brings together wildness, stories, dialects, dreams of boys and girls “putting alive” the text of Apollonius Rodio.


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