Who are we ?

IAC is a theatrical troup and works for promotion and creation.

Born in 2010 at the crossroad between the down town and the new city. We’re born with the wish of theater : to meet, to ear and to look, possibilities created by the theater.

Our process propose a collaborative modality of work, where anyone can find the right space to praticate his own aptitude and abilities.

We like speak with childhood and maturity, with center and peripheries, with limits and possibilities, with reality and imaginary.

To the artistic quality we flank a specific attention to the social : experiment, learn, exchange, include, be part of a collective process, are the topics which join our vision.


She works in theater since 1998 as actress and leader of theatrical workshops. Starts his formation with Teatro dei Sassi in Matera. She takes part of theatrical, dance and singing workshops, with artists from the italian and international contemporary theater scene.

In 2010, she creates IAC Centro Arti Integrate. She deals with conception and leading of the workshops and theatrical process. She’s co-writer and actress of the company.


He works in theater since 2001, beginning as an audio / lighting technician and taking part in some children’s theater shows. Since 2007 he writes and directs shows.
He is co-founder of IAC Centro Arti Integrate and since 2011 he studies and develops a method of collective drama for community theater. He deals with the management of laboratories with minors at risk, migrants, the elderly.
Graduated in demo-ethno-anthropology, with a master’s degree in artistic mediation.


Graduated in Show and Multimedia Production Sciences. She obtained the title of artistic director of cultural enterprise through a specialization path.
She trains in the IAC theater school and worked on theater workshops for children and youth and works as an assistant to writing and directing.


Joseph is interested in music, video creation, and performing arts for about 10 years. In 2008 he attended the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur en Audiovisuel  in Biarritz – France (two-year post-diploma in audiovisual), then a year of professional training in acoustics and electroacoustics.
In parallel and following this training, Joseph has worked for various projects including Busy Voice Experimentation, Cut-Up, Le Gardien, Chat & Moutons (Souris).