Imaginary love dialogues


Protagonists are a He and a She who have never met. It’s their past, future or only imagined existences that meet. Every time is a new meeting, something remains from the past meeting, but they do not remember perfectly. Like in a dream, between chance and fatality, their souls call themselves, they recognize each other and finally they are forced to abandon themselves.

The show comes from a reflection on the relationship between the real and the imaginary.
How much reality there is in the imaginary? Do our feelings, presentiments, desires, and adoration belong to one or the other? Is our life more real or more imaginary? Or both? Do the two dimensions cohabit?
How much space do we leave to the imaginary dimension?
How much is needed to make sense of reality?
We are convinced of the necessity of the imaginary, of looking at reality with the eyes of the teachers. We are therefore convinced of the necessity of theater and its ability to transform reality and give meaning.
The poetic, imaginary, dreamlike, playful, loving dimension of existence seems to us to be preserved because it is fragile, fleeting, changeable. Because it’s a light flight, a jump, a suspension of the soul, which we need.
The words we have chosen are few words of love.