Melchiorre ed Euridice

It starts with a funeral. The funeral of Melchior, a Macedonian pastor, who run away from his land because of the war and came to this land. It’s here that Melchiorre fell in love with Eurydice, a female of another race. The life of the pastor flows carefree in the company of his friendships: the sheep and his beloved. Until the day he dies because, caught by the pangs of hunger, he reaches for a fig tree and is bitten by a viper.
It’s to find his beloved Eurydice that Melchior flees to death and sets out with the spectators on a journey that will transform him.

“Melchiorre ed Euridice” is a show that deals with the theme of diversity and belonging to the same land.

“… The earth you have in shoes is the same one on which I walk, which trees and fruits are born. The root Melchiorre .. the root is that which unites us, we are from this land and the earth keeps us all. The eye deceives and grasps differences and traces impassable borders, but there is something in us that resembles, it resembles the bottom of everything ”

A reflection on the closeness between men and between races, a reflection that sees the man next to the animal, part of a single land to share.
In this itinerant, comic and bitter story, popular tradition and myth are mixed, to lead us all beyond the borders of apparent diversity.