In cerca di comune approdo

“In search of a common landing” tells the desire to travel through deserts, seas and facing dangers to look for a safe harbor. What all these guys have in common is the desire to find a place where they can realize their ambitions. The theme is treated in a profound and ironic way, because the journey of the heroes is full of adventures that grow but also hope.
The journey is intended both as an autobiographical account of migrants but is also intended as a metaphor for the growth path of adolescents.

The show was born from the theatrical project “Buiding my stage”, integration activity started in the SPRAR project (Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees) Salandra Minori, led by IAC with the support of the Tolbà Association and originally saw as protagonists the young guests of the Pia Casa Marsilio accommodation community in Salandra (MT). Over time the show has been enriched by the presence of new travelers, coming from many different places, teenagers looking for a dream or a place to cross and live.