Venerdì allo IAC

Venerdì allo IAC enhances contemporary scenic expressions, is a review of events ranging from theater plays to dance performances, reading and musical performances.

The program, articulated between February and May, intends to give a space of visibility to artistic emergencies, to experimental projects undergoing experimentation or to works with a strong social content. In the selection phase, particular attention is paid to the linguistic contamination of the live show and to young off-stage formations.

The format preserves the original objective: to promote the culture of participation.

The formula is
• the stage is free: by participating in the events you can tell yours and suggest artists to put on the calendar;
• admission has a low cost: but if you have lived a good experience you can support the event with a free contribution at the end of the show;
• all is a game: a path for a public author. We propose to our public to be an active part of a process of positive appreciation, in order to build a genuine community space.


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