Una disubbidienza straordinaria

“An extraordinary disobedience” is the story of Carlotta, a secondary school student from Berlin, an Aryan girl who, faced with the ordinance of carrying the yellow star for all the Jews, responds with extraordinary disobedience. From that day on she will leave the house with the yellow star in his chest, like a rose and soon everyone in Berlin will wear the yellow star.
The authorities do not understand how the Jews have increased in Berlin and from then a series of strange phenomena take place, including the descent of the entire angelic teams.

We propose a show, from the text “The final song of the yellow star also called the Carlottina” which with lightness and depth is an extraordinary hymn to anarchic joy as well as a form of denunciation of all forms of totalitarianism.
We believe that is important to transmit this song by Elsa Morante, her ambition to affect reality through poetic and popular writing, especially to that audience she loved: the kids, the young, the new, who are still capable of impossible revolutions.

Director’s notes:
What does a yellow star, or a swastika, have for an adolescent today? What is the meaning of these symbols related to the history and events which characterized the last century? Are they recognizable? Are they recognized? And the faces of that story? Do not they look like other faces, closer, alive, present in today’s history? We wanted to play in a sort of mystification of images, mixing the features of the past, features of the present, to remind us that in the face of despotic powers there are always revolutions to be undertaken and orders to subvert, or at least, small visionary and playful disobediences.

 The biographical note published as an introduction to “The world saved by the kids” describes the period of his life: she currently lives alone in Rome. To those who ask her her political ideal, she replies that it’s an anarchy, from which all forms of power and violence are excluded. Naturally, she does not ignore that it is an utopia, but she’s convinced, on the other hand, that utopia is the engine of the world and the only real justification of history. Even her private ideal is utopian; it would be to go around the world to make the storyteller. In fact, this trade would allow her to meet the only public who is perhaps capable of listening to the word of the poets
from “Festa per Elsa” – News on the life and works of a storyteller by Gianfranco Bettin and Marino Sinibaldi “